We’re seriously obsessed with contact lens tech.

Aveo contacts are designed for crystal clear vision, long-lasting comfort, and optimal eye health.

Clearly better vision correction.

Our unique aspheric optics design reduces spherical aberration, to let you see more clearly through more of the lens — for crisper, sharper, take-your-breath-away HD vision.

Like a #SpaDay for your eyes.

Our exclusive AquaLock technology mimics a water-loving molecule found naturally in eye cells, attracting and retaining water to the lens for a refreshing cushion of all-day hydration. Plus, it’s integrated into the lens material, so it won’t wear off or dissipate like a coating.

Bask at the edge of bliss.

Our unique BlissEdge design is a dual-tapered edge that lets more water and oxygen circulate around the eye. It keeps your lens centered right where it belongs, and reduces irritation and friction. Go on, forget about your contacts and just do you.

Your new fave filter.

With our built-in Class II UV blocker, you can spend time outside and know you’re protected from at least 97% of UVB and 87% of UVA radiation. Combined with the build-up resistant properties of AquaLock, our lenses keep your eyes happy and healthy.

Made by robots, for humans.

Our fully automated clean-room factory manufactures lenses with superhuman tolerances — so every Aveo lens fits, feels, and focuses just right, every time. Our stringent quality control, including high-definition camera inspections, means only perfect lenses get shipped to you.

See how good your eyes can feel.